Thursday, March 19, 2009

Albert Maysles

This time last year I was working with Albert Maysles at the gallery on his exhibition (and the accompaning book), 'A Maysles Scrap Book'.

I must say that in all my time here in New York, it has been one of my most enjoyable professional and personal encounters. To hear about the people he filmed and photographed over the years was incredible. I wish I could focal and paint a picture of this wonderful and beautiful man, but sadly I cannot. To anyone who loved Grey Gardens, I would suggest checking out the book and watching some of his interviews. As an artist he is just so inspiring to hear him talk about his work, and as a person he is so intriguing and joyous to watch.

I really hope the new film not only captures the spirits of the Beale's, but also the shows what extraordinary film makers David and Albert were.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I have fallen in Love...and his name is Charlie Lucas

While his words are simple his sentiment expresses my artistic frame of mind perfectly right now.

Charlie Lucas

"My career is at the point that I want it to be. I don't care if my name is in lights. My art is my family and friends. Through the Kind Spirit the pieces that I don't sell talk to me and teach me."
(Charlie Lucas from Miriam Fowler interview in 1991)

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lovely deterioration...

These are some test Polaroids that I did last year. I found these as I was on my monthly achieving duties. I know Polaroid prints don't have the greatest shelf life but I couldn't believe they were already deteriorating. They could've been stored better but that was fast. Supposedly have should last for about 5 - 20 yrs.

Oh, well I must say I kinda love whats happened to them, very other worldly.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

One City Exhibition

So last Friday was the first real exhibition of my work. Dispite my trepidation, everything went really well. The placement of my work couldn't have been better and a really great crowd came out for the show.

Some other pieces that we enjoyed....

This video piece about being a young female Muslim artist was really great.

And this collage was exquisite, if I had any money I would've died to take this work home with me.

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Worlds Greatest Chef

While I was writing the last post I found this. Boiled peanuts are pretty self explanatory.....but OMG, I love this guy! He is amazing at around the 5min mark onwards.

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Gratitudes list:

1. This amazing little girl, who on my down time during my trip was a ray of sun shine that made feel like kid again. I received so much love from her and her family that I felt like I was home.

2. I-phone wireless access

3. The kind, outgoing and open nature of the Southern people

4. Beautiful and vast landscapes stretched out in front of my eyes

5. Pecan Pie, Boiled Peanuts, Corn Bread

6. How the City of Birmingham itself smells of BBQ

7. BBC Radio 1 on the Sirius satellite radio that I had in my rental car. Without Sarah Cox and Chris Moyles... I may have gone out of my mind listening to vast amount of country music that seems to be the only thing that I heard on local radio. It was also a great trip down memory lane to my college days back in Glasgow.

8. New Franz Ferdinand album...AMAZING!
9. Sitting around the table reminesing with relatives about family stories and the old days

10. Finally after all these weeks of stressing how to get my photos done for this show, and all the mis-steps that occurred, I have finally finished my images for the show

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