Saturday, July 28, 2007

color print processing....a never ending process

Well since I'm in the middle of shooting and printing my senior project in the midst of procrastinating (as well as color printing color correction driving me crazy) I thought I'd post a few of inspirations.


Sunday, July 8, 2007

Gotta love the Drama....

All i have to say is I'm in love with this dress by Ziad Ghanem... this just makes me wish I had a job or possition in life that required me to have a reason to dress up!!!!!!

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The Row

So i'm alittle bit slow hopping on the bandwagon but I cant wait til The Row finally hits stores - I'm already setting aside my cash in hopes of saving up enough to afford one of they're brillant pieces (so worth the money!) Who'd of thought the Olson Twins would make such an amazing line, I guess Ashley's internship with Zac Posen really paid off!!!!

The Return of Miss Barton

ok, so after seeing this picture - I am again a fan of Misha Barton and her Style

Now not to say that great style is any indication of success, but it seems to me that Misha on her way for a come back - and I'm happy I loved the old sweet Misha (welcome back - I'm keeping my fingers crossed!)

Sunday, July 1, 2007

pretty random.... but fun

so while i was procrastinating from working on my sculpture project I typed in 'fun pictures' in google and found this... so i thought i'd share it with everyone

Avante Guardian... not so avante guard

so has anyone heard of surface magazine's search for unique emerging fashion photographers,
while a few have a very unique artistic vision for the most part many of them are just following the basic trends within the world of commercial photography

the only photographer who seems to have a unique vision is Bill Durgin, but he really isnt a fashion photographer he's a portrait artist