Thursday, March 19, 2009

Albert Maysles

This time last year I was working with Albert Maysles at the gallery on his exhibition (and the accompaning book), 'A Maysles Scrap Book'.

I must say that in all my time here in New York, it has been one of my most enjoyable professional and personal encounters. To hear about the people he filmed and photographed over the years was incredible. I wish I could focal and paint a picture of this wonderful and beautiful man, but sadly I cannot. To anyone who loved Grey Gardens, I would suggest checking out the book and watching some of his interviews. As an artist he is just so inspiring to hear him talk about his work, and as a person he is so intriguing and joyous to watch.

I really hope the new film not only captures the spirits of the Beale's, but also the shows what extraordinary film makers David and Albert were.

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