Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Modern Love Story.....

Today really was an amazing day, but for an very unexpected reason. After many years, I had the most amazing conversation with my first love. We talked for hours But we were not pining for what was lost or secretly wishing things had been different; but instead, two people who loved each other, remembering and embracing the good and the bad, and loving every minute of it.

What was really nice about the whole experience was realizing that there was still is a lot of love between to two of us after so many years. It may no longer be romantic love, but love no the less. Strong, pure and unfading.

Today really was a great day. It reminded me of something that I was starting to doubt. That love like that was real and very possible to someday find again. It really makes me feel resurged, that any day, just around the corner, in this beautifully chaotic city, that love could be just around the corner.

This Jaded one might just be inching her way towards Hopeless Romantic, who knows only time will tell.

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