Monday, August 18, 2008

Dmitry Karakazov

Over the last few months I have been reading 'The Gulag Archipelago'. A book that I had tried to read for years, but never had the attention span to give much time to because of school work. Now that I have graduated and am in the real world I have finally been able to fully devote myself to the book. With the current state of Russia, today I got got thinking about the why things have developed the way they have in that region over the last 100yrs. I know thing are very different in Russia now, then they were during the Cold War, but all that has happened recently, paired wit Solzhenitsyn's story of the Russian prison's saddens me greatly.

Today I found this while researching Dmitry Karakazov. I thought it was very fitting of a quote.

"The revolutionary is a doomed man. He has no interests, no affairs, no feelings, no habits, no property, not even a name. Everything in him is wholly absorbed by a single, exclusive interest, a single thought, a single passion--the revolution."

Sadly, I think this might more greatly pertain to the failings of modern life. Thus who are passionate about change often get steam roled

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