Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Now that Im in New York, have an apartment and job (actually im stuck on deciding between 2 jobs); one would think I should be happy that everything came together so quikly (I literally graduated put in applications, interviewed and moved up2 nyc in the span of a week!), so one should think I'd be happy with my current situation. But I'm not. While I love the city, with all the free time that comes with living in a city where I knew few ppl., I've come to ponder my past choices and mistakes. After a breakup with my most recent boyfriend ended badly (it couldve ended on a bad note, but he wouldnt let it), and my encounter with and exboyfriend on the subway last week I got to wondering if, unlike I thought previously, that I am repeating the same mistakes when it comes with men.

Although the recent break up was bad I was pssitive about getting out there meeting new ppl. and starting a new life. When I ran into an exboyfriend on the subway (one who had been texting me quite regularly over the past few months), the sparks flied again. And we set up a date for friday. The date went great, it seemed we had more in common now then we had in the past. It went so well that I ended up staying the night.

Normally, I wouldnt have done this but with our past it just felt right. Since then he texted me but I have yet to hear back from him.

So this feels silly for my 25 yr old mind to ponder but how long should one wait for a guy to call her back? Ive been out of the dating since so long that, I
dont know anymore.

So pose few questions towards you - am I fool for getting involved with him again or was it good that I took the risks?

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